80-058 Gdańsk, ul. Smolenska 5/7,
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Michał Kumur
Mistrzostwach Świata Młodych Cukierników
13-15 marca 2014
na Tajwanie


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"Przed nami kolejne Mistrzostwa Świata Młodych Cukierników organizowane przezMiędzynarodową Unię Piekarzy i Cukierników (UIBC). To elitarne wydarzenie w tym roku odbędzie się na Tajwanie. Biorą w nim udział najlepsi cukiernicy z całego świata, którzy nie ukończyli 25 lat ..."
cytat zaczerpnięty z "Przeglądu Piekarskiego i Cukierniczego"
wydanie marzec 2014

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"Work to be performed at the competition:

Candidates can themselves select their theme for the World Championship.


However, all prepared pieces must be oriented to the selected theme.


1 Piece of decor


A piece of decor made of sugar (caramel), chocolate, praline, marzipan or plastillage or a combination of the mentioned raw materials has to be manufactured. The presentation of the chocolates has to be integrated into the decor piece.


1 Fancy cake (entremet)


Two entremets with a diameter of approx. 20 cm must be manufactured. One entremet is for tasting and the other for presentation purposes. Both entremets must be decorated with a decor made of sugar.


1 Ice cream


Two frozen ice cream desserts for 8 persons have to be made; one ice cream dessert is for tasting and the other for presentation purposes. Both ice cream desserts must be decorated.


4. Chocolates


An assortment of four different chocolates (about 12 g per piece), at least 10 pieces per kind, which means a total of 40 chocolates, have to be completely manufactured on the spot.
Six chocolates per kind have to be available to be tasted by the jury.
The presentation of the other chocolates has to be integrated into the decor piece.
A maximum number of two kinds of chocolates may be casted.


5. Dessert on a plate


Seven identical desserts on a plate must be made, 6 of which are for the jury and one for presentation purposes. The dessert shall be made of at least 4 different components. Each candidate will receive a goods basket for the dessert. These ingredients, among others, must be used to make the dessert. The contents will be announced and issued on the day on which the workplaces are assigned. The six plates for the jury will be provided.


6. Figures


The candidate has to manufacture two different figures of his/her own choice. He/she must make 4 identical pieces of each figure, which means a total of 8 pieces. This work will not be tasted but just assessed according to aesthetic criteria. All basic mixtures used in the confectionery trade can be used and combined (marzipan, chocolate coating, praline, etc.).


7. Allocation of points


1 Piece of decor > 70 points
2 Fancy cake (filling) > 50 points
3 Ice cream > 50 points
4 Chocolates > 50 points
5 Dessert on a plate > 40 points
6 Figures > 30 points
7 Compliance with the rules and hygiene > 30 points
8 Total 320 points


Points are awarded for:


degree of difficulty
working method


8. General Rules


All participants are required to work alone and not in a team.


A total of 16 hours, distributed over 2 days, is available.
In addition there will be a preparation day of 6 hours be available.
At this day the following work is allowed to be done:


Setup of the working place.
Emission and weighing of the raw materials.
Production of gelatine sugar and decoration elements out of it (no whetting and coloured form design).
Production of sucrose and bottling in forms.
Precooking and inking of sugar / isomalt.
Inking and weighing of marchpane.
Decoration of the presentation table.


Documentation with illustrated recipes of the candidate's own competition work has to be submitted to the jury on the first day of the competition.


All ingredients must be edible. All decorating elements have to be manufactured on site.


"The use of silicone and plexiglass moulds is permitted.


The table measurements for the final presentation of the competition work will be announced separately.


The decoration of the presentation table will not be assessed. The requisite materials must be brought by the candidates themselves.
We hereby point out explicitly that it is not permitted for candidates to bring coloured and / or partially cooked sugar / isomalt.


It is not permitted to use pre-printed films for diverse pattern techniques. Such films have to be designed on site.


The goods basket for the dessert will be made up identically for each candidate by the UIPCG (on a neutral basis).
The chief expert undertakes not to divulge the contents of the basket to anyone."